Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav means "Staff of God"

Three years ago, New Orleans and the Gulf got slammed by
Katrina and we were hit with Rita. This is too much deja vu
for words. I've written how frightening and yet awesome
the force of Rita was, and how dad and I had an angelic
experience. While we were blessed and awed, I don't wish
for the experience to be repeated.

If I feel this much anxiety, I can't imagine how scared
the people facing Gustav are feeling. I pray that God
protects and spares the innocent from suffering. I
pray that people get to safety, and that no animals
are left behind to suffer. I pray that any who stay to
create havoc and loot are quickly apprehended and
dealt with.

Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ, if it is possible,
and in your Plan, stay the storm. If this storm is
part of judgment, then let us obey and wake up.

We kill babies in the womb, and we have polluted
the world with filth and blasphemy. New Orleans
is a mecca for witchcraft, lies and drunken whoremongers
and blasphemers. If this is your way of getting
our attention, then please allow our eyes to

We need to repent, and to return to the Laws
of God. We need to stop killing unborn babies,
encouraging promiscuity and allowing unnatural
laws to overtake the laws of nature and God.

We may be receiving the wrath of God, and
if this is the beginning of the Day of the Lord,
then, what will be the coming of the Lord be
life to those who mock, who blaspheme and

I pray for an awakening in the USA, so that
many will escape the wrath and the ultimate
destruction which will make these hurricanes
seem like nothing.

Three years ago, I felt that Katrina was a
judgement. Maybe they shouldn't have
rebuilt this city which relishes their history
of sin and rebellion? Maybe NO is a modern
day Sodom and Gommorah?

We have to consider these things. Those who
mock God won't have long to mock Him. It
seems like the Day of the Lord is coming
down fast.

Look out.

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geminale said...

It's interesting that it means "staff of God", as the shepherd's staff isn't for correction (that's the rod's use) but is for guidance and rescue. Check out "A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23" for more information.

I'm also praying for God to weaken the storm and protect those evacuating with His safety and peace.