Thursday, August 7, 2008

The dream

I dreamt of the missiles last night, and
the stark realness of seeing the large
shiney rocket crossing the sky is jarring.
I have had this dream since I was a small
kid, and it always ends seeing the missile
up close as it soars low in the sky...

I realize I am seeing some reminder of
what is to come. There's no way that
nuclear holocaust won't be the result of
this world's sin and intolerance.

My only solace is that there are a few
years left. I think it will be in in, or
after 2012 when the Lord returns.
I don't know what people who don't
have hope in Christ do when seeing
the signs of the end coming.

I wish everyone would have faith
and if that were possible, then,
the bombs wouldn't come.

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