Thursday, August 14, 2008

Liberation theologists and the newest cool war

The new Cold War in Russia has reconstituted
many people's anxiety. In my family, it has
revitalized their interest in our roots.

My mom was a mid-life baby, the seventh of
seven, and I was her mid-life baby. I mention
this because it puts me a generation behind
my closest first cousins, and my grandfather
could have been my great-grandfather
chronologically. Not that I'm a Spring chicken,
but, he was nearly my age 100 years ago!

My cousin Natalie was one of my cousins
who met my grandfather. I came along
after his passing. The entire family uses
me as their historical researcher. 20 years
ago I discovered some of our families secrets,
which no one believed at the time. My mom
was particularly resistant to the news
that her family, including father, were
top pier Communists.

In the 1990s, an archive of hidden Stalinist
material was discovered, and subsequently
analyzed, and then translated slowly. Information
appears every year in new forms, from
history books to articles from this source.
Also, the MI5 (British Secret Service) has
opened up archives from 75 years before
and my grandfather's past has found it's
way into new books.

Natalie knew my grandfather as an elderly
Jewish man who was the cantor of a
synagogue in California. It was difficult for
her to hear how he was a man who had
close contact with Joseph Stalin, even after
he established himself as an American
in the 1920s. As Antisemitic as Stalin was,
nevertheless, he relied on my grandfather
for "special assignments" from time to
time. In the mid-1920s, he was brought
back to the USSR to monitor a train full
of rich American Communist sympathizers,
the likes of whom had helped to finance
the Revolution.

My grandfather was used prior to this by
both the British and Russians as a spy.
He's so double-nought, that to this day,
no one knows whose side he was on.
His partner in crime was the infamous
spy Sidney Reilly, who along with Bruce
Lockhart, was supposed to be the
inspiration for James Bond. My grandfather
knew Ian Fleming, and associated with
other fascinating men of the early 20th
Century, including HG Wells, Mark twain,
and Aleistair Crowley.

It's funny to hear my cousin Natalie describe
him in the affectionate way any old Jewish zayda
(grandpa) would be perceived. She and her
husband wanted to know more about the
secret life he had, and these days, they
are simply amazed, but, not dubious as
in the past. It took my family 20 years
to accept my research, and now they
are all hooked! It's gratifying that they
now believe me. Having documentation
via the Internet is the miracle that enabled
this to happen.

It's quite a legacy. In my mother's lifetime,
the stigma and fear of Communist Russia
was too overwhelming to speak of in a
familiar way. She could never say that
her Uncle was considered the "Red Czar"
who ordered the execution of the Romanovs
on the advice of his mentor, Lenin. He was
part of the triumvirate of Lenin and Stalin
in the first government. He died at 33. and
Lenin died 4 years later, allowing Stalin to
walk into power. the Beast began.

My mom never knew that her father came to this
country, not to escape persecution in Russia,
but, to raise funds for the Revolution, from
the glittering millionaire Socialists in the West who
opened up their checkbooks and hearts
to them. It reminds me of today's movie
stars and rock stars who live decadently
lavish lives, but, desire world socialism
for the rest of humanity.

My grandfather's raison d'etre it seemed
was to serve the cause of World Communism,
and his settlement in the USA was geared by his
mission to start cells in California. He ran like
Hell when the Red Scare of the 1950s began.
He had reason to run. Ethel and Julius Rosenberg
were executed, and he found religion.

Unlike the Rosenberg's grandchildren, I don't
pretend that my grandfather was innocent.
He was part of the great world plan to enslave
the population of citizens of Earth into the
one-world web of Communism, eliminating
religion, and killing Christians and Christianity.

Whenever historical revisionists try to mock
Eugene McCarthy, I mock them, knowing how real
the possibilities of America falling were, especially
with so many sympathizers in high places,
particularly in Hollywood and the media.

the threat of Marxist imperialism, and destruction
of Christianity through anti-dialectical materialism
and socialist humanism is even greater today than
in the 1950s!

Our next President is most likely Obama Hussein.
He came from a "church" (ha!) which preaches
radical social remedies through what they
call "Liberation theology" an euphemism for
Marxist revolutionary dogma.

It's taken a century, but, my ancestors' dream of
world communism isn't that far off the mark. Europe
has already fallen, along with most of Africa and Asia.
Many of these places may still utilize the word "democratic"
to depict their governments, but, nothing could be farther
than the truth.

the immutable truth is that the agenda of
the ages has been to create a worldwide
State of utmost universal submission, in order
to challenge God. Men, in their finite understanding
may believe they are "enlightened" and evolved,
changing the truth into a lie, making "humanism"
their creed, as if that is worthy of God's admiration.
What they are doing is blindly obeying the one with the mark,
the one who told Eve, "You can be like God."

that's what it is all about from the beginning to our
mortal end... this fall... this struggle... .

We've never been closer to doom, and paired with
the paradox, with salvation, in my opinion,
and I believe Obama is a great start in
the final prophecy.

*(my capital function isn't working for
"t"... hmmm.... need to clean my keys!)

the sight of Obama winning over the hearts
and souls of so many is inspiring to me.

I feel like I'm in Nazi Germany watching the
roar of the crowds cheering Adolph Hitler,
promising them pie in the sky. I know I joke
about Al Gore being the False Prophet, but,
I am beginning to stop thinking that this
is a joke.

It is really happening.

Is McCain any better? I saw him embrace
the Dali Lama like he was Jesus, so, I doubt
that we're given much of a chance, either way.
I'd feel like we have another decade if McCain
by some grace became our next President, but,
the way the media has designed it, it seems
fairly obvious what is happening.

We're all in the dark.

the media masters, all those powerful ones:
the clubbies -the Bohemia Club, Club of Rome,
Skull and Bonesies, Bilderberger buddies, and the
like, and their ilk, who control our world's information,
most of the governments and the powers of the

When speaking of the Antichrist, the Apostle Paul
describes him as the prince of the air....

Eph 2:2
Wherein in time past ye walked according
to the course of this world, according to the
prince of the power of the air, the spirit that
now worketh in the children of disobedience:

Eph 2:3
Among whom also we all had our conversation
in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling
the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and
were by nature the children of wrath, even as

Eph 2:4
But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great
love wherewith he loved us,

Eph 2:5
Even when we were dead in sins, hath
quickened us together with Christ, (by
grace ye are saved;)

Eph 2:6
And hath raised [us] up together, and made
[us] sit together in heavenly [places] in
Christ Jesus:

Eph 2:7
That in the ages to come he might shew
the exceeding riches of his grace in [his]
kindness toward us through Christ Jesus.

Eph 2:8
For by grace are ye saved through faith;
and that not of yourselves: [it is] the gift
of God:

Eph 2:9
Not of works, lest any man should boast.

Eph 2:10
For we are his workmanship, created
in Christ Jesus unto good works, which
God hath before ordained that we should
walk in them.

I love Ephesians 2! It vividly contrasts the life we live in the
flesh as being death, and the death to the carnal will as life
eternal, with hope of adoption as children of God through
the blood of Jesus Christ who is our propitiation .

It depicts God's great mercy towards us blind, deaf and
hopelessly helpless creatures, being led about by the
Prince of the air, the cruel perverse vanquished cherub
who has held our world hostage for six centuries.

As for politicians, politics and the kings of
the Earth right now, it is a pitiful sight.
Only the most narcissistic, corrupt and
wealthy are in a position to seek power.
All of them seem cut from the same rotten
cloth at times. Maybe I'm way too paranoid,
or cynical, but, look at John Edwards.
Before his ignominy and disgrace, this country
almost gave John Edwards the chance to
rule, or be second banana. Who knows what
secrets Obama has to hide, but, his close
relationship with George cLOONEY is one key
to his real nature, (in my opinion.) What is
Obama doing in such company? Scarlet
Johanson follows him around, like his own
personal Scarlet woman, boasting about
having his babies, and rock stars preach
to vulnerable ears, telling them what to
think and how to fall blindly into the pit.

Good is bad and bitter is sweet. Humanism
is the gospel of humanity competing for
acceptance with the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
On the surface, doing good works is what
God expects of us, but, without the Spirit
of God, humanism is a vain attempt to
justify man over God's instructions.

Even our salvation and faith is a product
of God's grace alone, not anything that we
have done that is great. that's not to say that
we're not given love or destined to receive
crowns, but, if we are loved, and if we do
become brethren of Christ, adopted as
children of God, standing just beneath the
towering angels, it's because God created
mankind for this purpose out of His great

One day we'll know these things, but, for
now, we can see the worldly doom looming,
and word for word prophecies coming true.
We can see the beast, read about the
atrocities and recognize the demonic forces
enough to long for reconciliation with God.

I know that it wasn't natural for me to
worship Jesus Christ, although I longed
for Him. I had to pray for faith. I wanted
to believe in Him, but, struggled. I feel that
anyone who wants to know Him, needs to
ask for themselves. As Christ said, "Ask
and ye shall receive... seek and ye shall

that message originates with asking for the
gift of faith to believe. I hope that if anyone
reads my rantings and ravings, my musings
and my words, will know that above all,
they can receive the mark of God simply
by asking to receive the faith, the eyeglasses
to see Christ the Divine. We are given that
gift by God. I am far from justified in boasting
my Christianity makes me a better person.
It is God who has forgiven me for my many
sins, and saved me from my unbelief and
damnation. Please, whoever reads my words,
if you are laughing at me, know that I am
not God, nor is any evangelist. We are
merely rescued, still vulnerable and flawed.
I think too many Christians forget that they
were lost.

omg, soooo off topic, but, hey, it's my blog.

Getting back to George cLOONEY, I honestly think
cLOONEY is a traitor, like my grandfather's patrons
in America were. 100 years ago, they bestowed
much wealth into Russia before the Revolution,
and for some reason desired an end to personal freedom,
as we understand it in the West. For some reason, they are
convinced that the masses deserve nothing
but bare poverty and miserable lives, while they
feel entitled to revel in extreme wealth and double standards.

cLOONEY is now making a movie to glamorize Bin Laden's
driver, who was recently convicted in Guantanamo.
It is reported that he speaks to Obama Hussein many
times a week, and they text each other like two Middle
School girls.) Interesting choice of friends and followers
Obama Hussein has collected.

Anyway, back to my family, who were no better,
I know that there are enemies to our way of life,
freedom to worship God in Christ, and have a
chance at fulfilling God's purpose for us.

I feel it's ironic that I'm the antithesis of what my family
100 years ago wanted for the future. When they
were willing to die for the cause of eradicating
religion, I was raised like any other Jewish princess,
and became a Jesus freak in a land where we can
do this. I was not their image of the world of
the future... ("Imagine there's no heaven, it's
easy if you try...")

Funny about Lennon/Lenin. "Back in the USSR."
Synchronicity. I actually met Lennon, the Beatle,
and he was pretty darn nice, but, how his
words and music were used by the same
machine to groom his generation into raising
their own kids with this liberation theology
of hating Christianity and individual freedom.

It scares me to think of how so many will fall into
the pit, believing they are great humanists, when
they have actually been recruited by the demon.
I think John may have been recognizing this
reality, and it's tragic that he died so young.

IF only he was allowed to embrace God, he really
could have been the Saint John of the last generation,
not the Saint *Jude*-(Judas).

It reminds me of some former Al Qaida operatives,
who came to their senses when seeing truckloads
of young adolescent kids in bloodied white robes
warning the incoming that they were being used
for canon fodder by the terror network. More
Muslims have been slaughtered in the Jihad
than whom they call "infidels."

Like sheep to the slaughter....

My family's reward for being Bolsheviks and
red diaper babies, was that those who remained
in the USSR were eventually murdered by Stalin,
or became so corrupted, that they were just as evil
and psychotic.

Alexander Solzhenitsn just passed away ironically.
He wasn't fond of my family. He described
them all as bloodthirsty maniacs. It seems like
they were part of the origin of his hatred of Jews,
and from his perspective, who could argue?

Stalin was the worst mass murderer of the ages.
Hitler and Mussolini were amateurs compared to
his blood lust. He committed genocide against his
own people for God's sake! What insanity occurred
70 years ago is not unique.

I think it is a sign of what the final bloodbath and holocaust
is going to be like. Already in Africa, and throughout
Asia, Christians have been slaughtered for the
past 2 decades. We don't hear much about it,
since the media is controlled.

While those in the corrupt MSM obsess and exalt useless
and totally perverse individuals like Amy Winehouse
and Lindsay Lohan, the suffering of millions of people
is barely noticed and seldom reported.

Billions of women are enslaved in oppressive theocratic
and autocratic dictatorships, forced into living lives
of complete subjugation without any advocates
screaming for their liberation in the West. Instead,
Hollywood collects money to send their oppressors,
in the guise of feeding the poor.

think of how much money would have been given
to the Concentration Camps in Nazi Germany had
the nincompoops in Hollywood sought to raise
money to feed them? It would have been used
to buy more bullets and bombs then, and this
is where the West's money is going and it's why
the beast is growing exponentially.

Wholesale genocide is occurring in Africa,
and women have no advocates from the
politically correct West. If they're not being
led about in suffocating shrouds of black,
they're tortured, humiliated, murdered
and deprived of all civil rights.

this is the middle of the final chapter.
Last Act.

It's all predestined, and by witnessing these
events today, and understanding about the
20th Century, I have no anxiety about seeing Obama/
cLOONEY, or despair seeing the sour pitbull face
of Michelle Obama, our next First Lady. How
sad however that we would actually be so fallen
that we would empower a woman who boasts
about hating America and having no pride in
our nation.

I wonder how she can be ashamed of being
American, as a publicly funded Harvard graduate
who graduated Law School and was allowed
up the ladder of corporate America? Even though
she epitomized the American Dream, and became
quite wealthy, she never paid back those loans.
Screw the American government, and she
laughs today. Our Manchurian candidate's
little wife, our First Lady to be!

I wonder how she'd like to imagine her life
as a woman in Rwanda or the Congo, where
women are less esteemed than mud? I
wonder if those who are blindly enthralled
by the good speech maker(reader) Obama
can picture what their lives will be like
in four years? Without a strong military
and strength, we are heading for war.
Our enemies are licking their chops knowing
the hawks are dead, and the lame duck
president will please the far left by
socializing the country, like England
and most of Europe.

It's the last days for America, like England and
Europe, which have been swallowed by the beast. I
urge no one to empower the beast by fearing
it. We have nothing to fear if the LORD is in
our hearts. No one can separate us from
the freedom of our faith. Our life is in
Christ's resurrection and promise to return.

to LIVE is Christ and to DIE is Gain.

the LORD'S PRAYER utters the hope of all
our faith, and it's important to every day
remember the words in literal meaning, not
just as a mindless recitation.

"Our Father, who art in Heaven, Hallowed
by thy Name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy
Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven."

Our desire is towards the Lord coming down,
and that will happen when the atrocity is
in full force. We see this coming closer
and therefore, we have more hope than fear.

I know why it's ironic that while my ancestors
wanted to make this world a place without
religion or personal liberty, that 100 years
later, I am a Christian and free-thinking
American. It's because the Lord is stronger than
the forces of man, and his governments,
conspiracies, and plans for demonic rebellion
against the divine.

I acknowledge that those 100 years ago
tapped into something that was powerful.
I can't even describe what they unleashed.
I think that even Aleistair Crowley may have
opened some doors, as well, but, nothing
has the power to dispel the Lord's Plan,
or disturb the Day of the LORD which is
quickly arriving.

As Obama causes people to abandon
their reasoning, and swoon, like he's a
matinee idol and rock star, there is another
who I feel coming near, whose brightness
surpasses the sun, whose beauty is
unspeakably glorious. Whose righteousness
is infinite. Whose mercy is from God and
Whose NAME we will learn when he arrives.

Every eye will see His return, and obama
will not look very good in the end. there's
nothing to fear unless you hate Christ.

Anyway, end of sermon. End of rant. Strange sermon.
Strange days. I'll edit later....

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