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RANTINGS for June 9, 2010: Joran Van Der Sloot, JayZ, Lady Gaga and the Little Beasts to Come

No wonder he's enraged. He's got absolutely
NO MALE GENITALIA! Seriously. He's
a neuter. Nothing. Nada. Zippo. Yet, he 
seems happy enough, even proud, waving his 
peculiarly smallish hand (for a big guy) 
while covering his asexual midsection with
his other tiny hand.

Five years ago, I became mesmerized by the
Natalee Holloway tragedy. At first, it was
purely out of sorrow for her, and especially
her mother, Beth.

By August, I experienced a reversal of sympathy.
Instead of supporting the "Boycott Aruba" mentality,
with frightening xenophobic rhetoric being spewed
by personalities such as Dr. Phil McGraw, Nancy
Grace, Greta Van Susteren, etc., I developed
a dislike of Beth and Jug Twitty, which affected
my perception of the case.

I mean, the Chief of Police was allegedly
Joran's Godfather, but, the average working
Arubans were good people, and helped in
the searches and prayed for her. Their
sole industry was tourism. Punishing them
for the sins of corrupt officials isn't
accomplishing anything. Why should
their families be punished? The "boycott"
was like cheering Goliath slaughtering
tiny David.

While I didn't accept that Joran
was innocent, it seemed more likely that
it was an accidental event, which caused
him to panic, and maybe he recruited his
friends and dad to bail him out.

Now, in hindsight, I think he savagely
assaulted and attacked Natalee, the same
way as he ravaged poor Stephany Flores
Ramirez, five years to the day later..

I am certain that his father, a judge, now
deceased, used his influence to extricate
his 17 year old,

But, the vitriolic  hatred
towards Aruba, from the American
MSM, frightened me.

It made Americans look like bullies, throwing
our weight around, around the world, especially
during the term of an unpopular President, in
the course of an unpopular war.

Aruba did arrest Joran twice, his father once,
and his accomplices, twice, but, by then,
they really couldn't build an adequate
case without a body, or a confession.

It was circumstantial, at best,
but, not strong enough to presume a murder
occurred, without physical evidence.
Also, by then, they were pretty pissed off
at Beth , so, that probably influenced them.
Natalee became the symbol for the big bad
USA, not a beloved child, and her family
brought with them an invasion of journalists,
judging them. Paradise lost.

Now, the shoe is on the other foot
for Joran, and maybe it will have
severe repercussions, beyond
what would happen to a local
boy in Peru. He's the "foreign
maniac," and in South America,
there is  a frenzy to protect
their own from the foreign

When it comes down to it,
no one really trusts anyone,
outside of their own.

There is legal prostitution in Aruba and
Holland, and there was always a possibility
that Natalee was sold into slavery. (Still is.)
A beautiful and athletic blond American
18 year old has huge potential currency,
especially in places like the Middle East.

When I was 17 and living in London,
some pervert tried to ship me to
Iran, but, that's another story....

In my heart of hearts, I feel Natalee
was murdered in a similar fashion to
Stephany. Stephany was a lesbian,
with her period, and did NOT want
sex with "Brad Pitt-like" Joran.
Natalee was a virgin, and not the
type to abandon her values for
a stranger she'd never see again.

I think he most likely was triggered
by their rejection, and his rage was
demonic to break that poor girl's
neck. He's been programmed to see
bitches as ho's, not even human.

Stephany was sacrificed at the
altar of reptilian perversion on the
exact anniversary of poor
Natalee Holloway's death.
Memorial Day in the USA.

I believe that unrestricted
access to prostitutes and porn infects
these borderline personality types,
like Joran, and implants the demon.
He reminds me of Ted Bundy who
claimed that pornography was the
trigger to his paraphelia for torture
and death.

We have an entire generation
being raised on Lady gaga, Xtina,
Rhianna,....all the nasty JayZ
proto robos. They glorify their
submission, and empty heads,
 and glamorize their sexual
subservient slavery.
Rihanna Russian Roulette
There's no soul left to music,
only big boobs, crotches and Tec 9s.

At least the (*cough*) artists
 get to enjoy the life of wealth,
fame, and luxury, for a time..
For the limited time they serve the
beast,  they enjoy being worshipped,
like him, and they become role
 models for kids..

What rewards do their disciples
and fans get in the end, other than

I believe that "they" (broadly referring
to  media esp. music, but, also
public educators )  are deliberately
creating a godless and God-hating army
of programmed drones.

They are so  completely
immersed in the system, that they
have been programmed as well.
They are *liberal* and (ugh) uh.."good."
Yea, they're just great.

 Look at the messages being sent
in the music, movies, on TV with shows like
"Glee" ALL geared towards kids. I believe
this demonstrates only a fraction of
a deliberately programmed offensive
against this latter Gen's souls.

With all the frikken Megan's Laws,
how ironic that most parents just let
the perverts slip into their kids heads
and take them away, legally.

These children's souls are precious to
God. They are only merchandise to
the Beast, yet, their own parents  are
dropping the ball. I am shocked to
see how many girls under 10, who
 have nearly indecent, if not
pre-Hooteresque attire, while out
in public with all the Megan Law
offenders lurking.

Their parents are hysterical when a
child is molested, but, they allow
child molesters, like Lady Gaga, into
their little brains, through ubiquitous
IPods.. They are being programmed
to admire her affection for them,
whom she calls, her "little monsters!"
They come out of the sessions
 thinking bloody murder and
gore  is subversively hot,
sex slavery is neat, and worship
her as a sexy demonic high priestess
who BLATANTLY desecrates
symbols of Christ!
 So, to them, being a little Christ-
hating beast is a good thing to be.
She gesticulates sickness,
sticks a cross up her vagina,
working them up into a frenzy:
.."I wanna be just like her.....
if I grow up...."

Parents will say, "Well, you
know, we had K.I.S.S. and
The Rolling Stones, but, does
that make it any better? The
Knights In Satans Service,
and the Sympathizers For
The Devil?

Most parents are oblivious to how
their children's souls are being
sucked dry by these spiritual and sexual

Oh wait, HBO, Cinemax, and the movies
teach kids that vampires are the GOOD
GUYS! Soooooo sexy!!!! The glorious

Eat that forbidden fruit.
Join the damned. Cool beans.

For that matter, and I don't mean to
condemn her,  but, I had to
judge  Beth Twitty as being partly
responsible, as well, for Natalee's
fate, not that this was her fault.
She just took her eyes off the
reality of our world, and looked
away long enough for the beast
to snatch her away..

Natalee's mom let her sheltered
child go to a fairly decadent resort with
only a couple of chaperons, and
nearly no mature adult supervision!

These kids were perhaps more naive
than their city counterparts, and it
was a poor choice of adult initiation,
in my opinion, to allow them to take
baptism of wild sexually charged
 partying, and total freedom, sex on
the beach kind of thing.

This venture seemed as ill advised
as sending little lambs into the jungle.
But, these otherwise Christian and
decent people sent their most precious
children out into seedy casinos and
"Carlos and Charlies," where drinks are
spiked with date rape drugs, for an extra

Beth knew it was a wild place because
her stepson came back with wicked

That's how easy it is to hand over
your child to the beast. Everyone is
 doing it, so, it must be OK.
Beth Holloway Natalee Holloway Center.JPG
To be fair to Beth, she has worked
fiercely to create safety networks
for subsequent children, and just
opened up "Natalee Holloway
Center" which deals with the
dangers that exist for young people.

I can't even adequately represent how
much I have come to admire her.
Her courage is amazing. She's got the
heart of a lion,  and I mean it. Natalee
must be watching with such love and

There have always been killers
and sick freaks, but, I think a
new generation of sociopath
freaks is reaching their peak, and
people don't realize that there are
thousands and thousands of Natalee
Holloways and Stephany Flores Ramirezes
that don't get press. Children and young
women disappear every day. Sexual
slavery, today, is bigger than any former
slave civilization in history, and we
still crave the burn of porn and
prostitutes. When men go to prostitutes,
they are DEFILING some one's precious
and even if they do this "freely", they
are sick, and to enter into their disease
is to bring it back to your family and
your own precious daughters.

These monstrous creations like Joran
 are being assembled, piece by piece,
from Godless homes where they
sneer at people with faith, and
schools which oppress the truth
and teach propaganda. Then, they
are led into adolescence with the
most vile and dangerous indoctrination
machine since Hitler's youth movement.

Look at their heroes: Thugs like JayZ cranking
out ho's and inspiring zombies like Paris Hilton,
Lindsay Lohan, oh gosh, the list
is endless. Little brainless vain
Barbie ho-dollies. A whole wasted
generation. The last G.

Their parents are often too infatuated
 with their own enslavement to porn
to recognize their four year olds
are idolizing Lady gaga, a creature
who is XXX and unfit to be around
anyone outside of a whore house
in Holland..

 JayZ's a cleva *ROCKaFELLa*
whose evil empire has shaped
a generation, Joran's generation,
with their pseudo-gang banger,
gangsta stances and attraction to
violence, especially against
women. These boyz are being
trained, the same way Lady
Gaga is infiltrating the DNA
of little girls. Talk about kiddy

We may be blind and
oblivious, but, God
is not. NO, MY BROTHER,
God SEES everything.

The WOLF in Little Red Riding Hood's
clothing. She's got dead eyes, no wonder
she wears sunglasses and disguises!
Dead eyes like zombie fiend Joran

5 Lady Gaga Alejandro
How do we get a beast like

He was spawned in a culture
where God is dead, and whose
politically correct modality is
to mock and disdain anyone with
disciplines outside of their own
genitalia and bellies.

He was fed with every indulgence
in self-gratification and fulfillment,
in the most shallow and cruel generation
. He probably was obsessed
with porn. They all are.

It's ironic that with all the medical and
scientific advances, not to mention
fantabulous technologies in this age,
which blows my mind, even my plasma
HD TV  awes, that inside, humans
are being devalued and devoured by greed,
lust, and five other deadly sins.

With the advancement that exists outside
of us, inside we are dying, not only as
individuals, but, as nations.

Iran, Russia, Turkey (all the Christ-hating places)
 have a confederation calling for a "New World
Order." There are 18 nations in this terrifying
unity. 18=666.

All around me, I see signs of the end of us all,
not just Natalee and Stephany, and their families'
hopes and dreams, but, Joran is a prototype
with a thousand spawns. In ten years (which
we probably won't see) it would be millions.

The BEAST is easy to see. I admire Glen
Beck's sincere dedication to educate and
attempt to reclaim this country, but, I see
the twilight's last gleaming, so to speak.

It's a dangerous and evil world, don't kid
yourselves. The only remedy is to embrace
Jesus Christ, because, HE IS the ONLY
SAVIOR. These signs of prophetic doom
are like labor pains while we await

And folks, we need saving. Sure Joran
is a bad guy, the terrible thing is that
he's got a following, and more girlfriends
than the average guy. People think he'll
be treated poorly in prison, and I think
he'll be a celebrity, maybe even a powerful
trustee. He's not out of his element in
prison. He's with his own kind.

 Because in this twisted world,
killing bitches is a badge of JayZ's
lifetime's prime accomplishment.

Do these youngsters growing up now
have a future, with everything that's
going on? They're being implanted
with the Mark of the Beast, between
their eyes and on their right hands.

This "New World Order" that Russia,
Iran, Turkey, and their 15 buddies are
building sure as HELL has no room in
their system for Jews and Christians.
So, boo-hoo for them because, brother,
they are going to LOSE!

IT IS WRITTEN. The Word became
flesh, and HE finished the PLAN of
Salvation and REDEMPTION, for
anyone with a hope or desire for the
true stairway to heaven.

I'm all over the map, here, but, to
me, it's like a coherent montage
or more like a collage of doom
that corresponds to
prophetic events.

I see horror everywhere I look,
 but, glory above.

NOW is the time my brothers.
I hear the trumpets in my sleep.

 Bless you, Glen Beck for your truly
noble attempts, but, I think that
you know in your heart that this is
the time spoken of, and soon, you need
to just start preaching the Kingdom
of God, not the serfdom of Satan's

Rest in Paradise, Natalee and Stephany.
But, their families can never get
justice from a place where robbery
is punished by a life sentence, while a
 savage, vicious sexual predator can
murder a college girl, and the most
time is technically 35 years max...except,
they only serve a third of that. HUH?

Because Joran confessed, he'll get it halved.

How cheap human life seems when reviewing
this phenomenon. How precious is filthy
lucre to those with values of slave-masters
 and slaves, where young women's lives
are worth less than stealing a loaf of bread..

The truth about Joran is that he will
be out of prison by his early 30s, or

(If the world goes that long) and that's
the prime for his breed. The demonic
seeds implanted by this culture of
thugs and whores like Lady Gaga
creating "Little Monsters" (aw, how
clever) will succeed
for a few years. Then, they will be

Pray for them all. The first fruits
and harbingers of the beast.

Rev 9:1And the fifth angel sounded, and I
 saw a star fall from heaven unto
 the earth: and to him was given
the key of the bottomless pit.

Rev 9:2And he opened the bottomless pit;
and there arose a smoke out of the pit,
 as the smoke of a great furnace; and
the sun and the air were darkened by
 reason of the smoke of the pit.

Rev 9:3And there came out of the smoke locusts
 upon the earth: and unto them was given
 power, as the scorpions of the earth have

Here's another clue for y'all:
Rev 9:4And it was commanded them
that they should not hurt the
 grass of the earth, neither
 any green thing, neither
any  tree; 
but only those men 
which  have not the 
seal of God in their 

(Cause they're little GREEN 
fiends, aren't they?) 

Where's the MTV award crowd,
now, wearing their OBAMA 
sickening sycophant
adoration, while the 
Gulf coast,
 and beyond
 is obliterated?
speaking of DEATH...
Oh Sting,hypocrite,
where are are you while
the blood red oil
defiles the ocean and kills
 all the helpless living 
Speaking of LOCUSTS,
WHERE are you, and HOW DARE 
YOU, Paul McCartney
scolding US for "not appreciating"
a Manchurian candidate,
While the pelicans and helpless
animals are poisoned and die'
by the trillions?!!!!

What would  the truly lovely
 Lady Linda do? She surely
wouldn't be on her knees to
that rotten Communist, 
Ya cowardly twit.

Green Peace must mean
greenbacks in the billions,
not living creatures who
share our corrupt polluted

act so sanctimoniously about the
environment, when, it's all
about image, ego,
 manipulation and control,
isn't it?

 Y'all fly your private jets,
have your spectacular events,
live in one of your 12 castles,
and want the serfs and slaves
to have less and less.

Yea, yea, yea, don't fret,
You've all shown your TRUE 
COLORS, that's a fact, because,
you did NOT  utter a PEEP or
lend a hand, for fear of 
offending a British corporation
bigger than doG, and of course,
don't shine a light on this
 new Messiah, this goD-like
Pharaoh sent by doG to lead
 this nation.... 
to the pit.

GOD forbid  you point to
this administration for a
in saving our wildlife and 
valuable ocean,
and in handling the tragedy
 in  the Gulf of Mexico. 
Too bad it's not another
 earthquake, far away,
like in Haiti. 

The cash and star-studded
rodeo would be pumping
faster than that bloody red oil 
hemorrhaging from the 
belly of the Earth.

I'd like to KICK some ASS,

You blamed Bush for
a hurricane!!!.
You pardon BP and BO
because ya'll are insane.
it's myself, and it often is.....

English (KJV)  (Help)Strong'sRoot Form (Greek)Tense
Andg2532καί kai
it wascommandedg4483ῥέω rheō
themg846αὐτός autos
thatg3363ἵνα μή hina
they shouldg91ἀδικέω adikeō
notg3363ἵνα μή hina
hurtg91ἀδικέω adikeō
the grassg5528χόρτος chortos
of theearth,g1093γῆ 
neitherg3761οὐδέ oude
anyg3956πᾶς pas
greenthing,g5515χλωρός chlōros
neitherg3761οὐδέ oude
anyg3956πᾶς pas
tree;g1186δένδρον dendron
butg1508εἰ μή ei
onlyg3441μόνος monos
those meng444ἄνθρωπος anthrōpos
whichg3748ὅστις hostis
haveg2192ἔχω echō
notg3756οὐ ou
the sealg4973σφραγίς sphragis
of Godg2316θεός theos
ing1909ἐπί epi
theirg846αὐτός autos
foreheads.g3359μέτωπον metōpon

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