Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Back Door to Heaven

Roughly once a month, I subject myself to some film, book, or historical web site dedicated to the Holocaust. Tonight, I watched HBO's "Primo" starring Antony Sher, who did a profoundly breathtaking account of a man's year in Auschwitz. Like Schindler's List, or the dozens of films that try to portray the horrors of that era, it leaves me numb.

I sometimes actually believe I was given the chance to be reincarnated after dying in a Concentration Camp. Like a second chance to get it right, after seeing Hell, to understand that there is a Heaven.

I used to spook adults, when as a toddler, I'd talk about hiding and death camps. They would scold my parents for filling a child's head with knowledge of these things, but, they seemed to enter the world with me, if not from a former life, than from the consciousness of my race's psyche, through a mystical knowledge of black despair and hopelessness,

The Jews have trodden through Hell, dispatched from Eden, expelled from Jerusalem, swords blazing to prevent us from re├źntry. Doomed and cursed to wander to and fro,
along with our eternal nemesis, the Devil.

My niece was practically engaged to a charming and handsome German guy, who brought her to his grandparent's home, in Cologne, and she dined with old Nazis, who lavished her with their best china and delicacies. They even welcomed her into their family, into their bloodline, with their quintessential ideal blond-haired, blue-eyed genetic offspring. She must have had some hesitation, though, because, her boyfriend whispered to her, between courses, "Dunt vorry...zey only serve the Cyclon B for dezert."

My point is that they were lovely normal people, but, sixty years ago, proudly marched to the national furor and pride of vision in establishing a new civilization, a Jewless world, which would last for 1000 years.

Which is eternally ironic, considering it mirrored Christ's stated plan for a 1000 year Kingdom of the JEWS, where to gain citizenship, you must be a Jew, by birth or adoption in His Jewish bloodline.

It's sometimes hard to see the divine, other than the obvious splendor of sunrises and flowers, all the intricate beauty and perfection of the Universe and all living things under the sun. If that's not proof of God, then, I cannot convince anyone to search out the Bible for answers.

But, when the Bible seems oppressively straight, or stilted, or even contrived, with tales that have been told so many times, that they are as mythical as the tales of the roman gods, it helps to be reminded of another aspect of the battle for our planet and souls, in that the "god of this world" is defined as the "devil" in the Bible.

Even if a rose can't show God's immeasurable grace, the sign of the hellish experiences of man's inhumanity towards his fellow-man should give us proof of greatest evil.

My niece's boyfriend's family are really nice people, REALLY NICE, yet, they were part of the Nazis in his grandparent's day. How did that happen? I think people become possessed, first by hardship, then conditioning, and then propaganda. Just as those who have the Holy Spirit can experience utterances and happiness of enormous degree, those possessed of the unholy spirit, can wipe all goodness away by a takeover of their own individual sensibilities and morals.

My dad said that one thing preachers always say, that annoy him, is asking, "Do you believe in God?" He feels a more appropriate and effective opening line is, "Do you believe there IS a God?"

Most people believe there is a God, yet, more and more people do not believe in God. Part of that is the tug of human achievements and advancements in medicine and science, where man is raised to creating and defining life in his own terms. Then, the Church hasn't helped those without faith achieve a natural curiosity towards the Christian religion, either.

Yet, most people don't realize that the world system cannot help but produce ineffective, or even totally corrupt ministers of religion. These doctors of religion are the new Scribes and Pharisees, and without these accredited degrees, you cannot head a congregation. If people knew what went on in Seminary, they'd understand it is more aptly named, "CEMETERY."

The world stands in stark deliberate contrast to everything Christ is. So, how then could a worldly institution produce a spirit-filled minister?
The fact that their highest population is during pagan holidays, like Xmas and Ishtar (Easter) testify to the carnal worldliness of their mission. Some churches don't even really preach Christ anymore at all, but, social agendas. Sure they have good works, too, but, without faith, good works are dead.

Without God, there is no hope. That's what scares me the most. When I recognize the terror and cruelty of the Holocaust, and the world's endless hatred of the Jews, I know that this is the proof of Satan hunting us down.
If the demon wants to wipe us out, it is because God once blessed us.

But, this is the painful part for me. The only way back to God's graces is through the blood of our Passover lamb, the LAMB OF GOD. Only HE has the keys to the Kingdom. He is our MESSIAH. When we have lost our faith, we have no hope of ever rising higher than the hellish experience at Dachau and Birkenau, etc. And eternal Hell is the scariest concept my mind can grasp.

I first sought the mercy of God after seeing the face of a demon. Sometimes, you have to enter the pearly gates through the back door, and since God can do anything, I wonder if I was given that second chance, once before this life, when I died a Christless death in Hell on Earth, only to be put here once again to get it right.

I know Jews and Christians don't believe in reincarnation. I'm just saying. God can do anything He wants.    

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