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Castro Castro Prison in Peru Where Joran Van der Sloot Is Held

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According to reports, Van der Sloot fears for his life. For the time being, he will have the luxury of having a secure cell, with possibly one screened cellie, but, maybe none. The cells are like being in a small closet, barely bigger than an airport lavatory, with  enough room for a filthy small cot.
There is no central air or heat, only a caged window, without glass in most of them.

It is winter in Peru, and Castro Castro is up in the mountains, so, he will freeze at night. There's nothing worse than being cold, except maybe being hot. LOL. The cold is inescapable, and it gets into your bones making them scream in pain.

Many envision Hell,  not as a place of eternal burning, but, a place of continuous freezing. You can be cold enough to feel the pain of being burned, like in the stages before frostbite.

More significantly, this type of incarceration is Hell on Earth, even with central heating and air-conditioning. For Joran to be willing to empty his soul of his most apprised information about Natalee Holloway, in order to get a ticket home, even if it's to a prison there, means that he is scared.

I can't think of a better punishment for him than fear. He has been arrogant and monstrous for years, not only in the original offense of causing the disappearance of Alabama beauty, Natalee, but, in taunting her heartbroken family.

The icing on the cake was his attempt to extort money from Beth Holloway, for the information that haunts her every waking moment of every day: What happened to Natalee and where is she?

The twisted irony in how that money financed another family's grief, and another girl's brutal murder, is unbearable. Even after he was apprehended, he had concocted another set of lies to mitigate his involvement, claiming to have been high on drugs, and set off by Stephany's intrusion into his personal files or email. Before he left Peru, he allegedly tried to set up the scene where he went for breakfast, and while he was out, Stephany was killed by another. He had  summoned the clerk to open his room, so, he would have had an alibi (getting coffee and danish) and the hotel employee would have discovered her with him.

What goes through a psychopath's brain? It's hard to know. Their hard-wiring is off, and someone as obviously bright as Joran, can do the stupidest things one minute, but, then, have strokes of ingenuity and cunning, the next, like the devil, himself.

Even if he confesses formally to Natalee's murder, he's the little boy who cried wolf. He has no credibility. You can't trust the words of a liar.

Without a body, his confession would not be enough to convict him for her murder.

A painfully real point is that there is no body. If he dispensed with her body in the ocean, there would not be anything left. Another nagging horror is that without a body, you can't prove she was murdered.

I have been wondering how Joran has had the funds to travel and live such a playboy's life for the past five years. He even opened an Internet cafe in Thailand with funds which probably did not come from his family. They were upper middle class, but, the Aruba mess had to interfere with their overall prosperity.

Anita Van der Sloot was a teacher, who, eventually had to retire .Paulus, the dad, training to be a judge, was the most compromised. His credibility also went out the window. They must have used tens of thousands to defend themselves and Joran over the past five years. Joran never worked.

Where did he get the money to gamble, travel, open a business, and be endowed with the freedom to fly anywhere in the world unencumbered?

It hearkens back to the one lie he told which resonated, that he sold Natalee. There is still that possibility that she was the merchandise of a big money deal, maybe $100,000. That would provide him with a safety net, and vehicle to travel and live modestly for five years.

When the money was gone, he comes back to Aruba, and his dad dies. Now, the family is very financially hard-pressed, and in his sick mind, he blames the Holloways and Natalee's mom. What better person to finance the next period of his life?

It wasn't a well thought out plan, but, nonetheless, it was possible he felt he could pull it off. He considered himself a poker player, and this was another one of his bluffs. Even if he faced penalties under US law, "catch me first." He took the money and ran.

Wouldn't that be the most sadistically cruel twist, if Natalee was alive, and he reinforced the belief that she was dead by offering this bogus confession? Meanwhile, no one would ever look for her again, at least, not amongst the living.

I know that Beth has to have that nagging doubt, because, when she built a new home, she built a room for Natalee, just in case a miracle happened.

The only thing that discourages my hope that Natalee is still alive is that he described a seizure, and that sounded real. While he played with them, and said he "pushed Natalee and her head hit a rock", the likelihood is that he struck her head with a rock when she refused his sexual advances, and went into seizures, a common precursor to death from a blunt head trauma.

How ironic that if Natalee is dead, and if it suits him to prove he's the killer, to get to serve his sentence in Aruba, he may never be able to provide enough evidence to sustain that conviction, without a body. "No body, no crime."

Sitting in fear, in terror for his life, without the comforts of even a decent morsel of food to consume, is a very real preview of Hell.

"Abandon hope, all ye who enter...."

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