Saturday, June 14, 2008

The New New York and Tower of Babylon


Dubai is the Disney World of the Third World.
This decadently lavish Western-style paradise
stands out against the stark poverty of the masses
in Saudi Arabia.

It is vividly contrasted against the grim majority's
pathetic lot in life. With the hedonistic resort drawing
from the world's elite, it is poignant to consider the
rotten lives of the Arabian citizen. They are subjected to
a suffocating totalitarianism. These disenfranchised
imperial subjects are forced to obey the restrictions
of life in an oppressive sharia-bound prison-land.
They endure a daily struggle to exist, and in many
cases, especially in women's lives, joyless struggles
from which they have no escape except for death..

None of the Westerners who grace their land help
them transcend their misery, or bring their men into
the 21st Century to contemplate human rights, when
it comes to how women are treated. Other than
their fondness for Western whores, and modern
pornography, these princes and dukes are still
deep in the Dark Ages.

These rules of hardship never apply to the very rich
of this world, the so-called "Masters of the Universe,"
as they see themselves, whether they come from the
East or West. They only impose the restrictions and
misery on others, so they can have more, more, more
and enjoy it more by watching the masses have less
and less each day.

I see it all coming together in the new New York,
in the Middle East, the cradle of original civilization,
and now the discernable new power shift in this world
back to the first opponent to YHWH's Kingdom, Nimrod,
aka Sargon I of Arkkad Mesopotamia, or Babel.

This city rising in Dubai, is so much like it's prototype
in Babel, that it is astonishing!

It is a place that offers respite to all the globe's weary
billionaires, celebrities, sport's stars, Western
and Asian alike. Political and social differences
don't apply to Nimrod billionaires. Mammon is their
master and they're brethren in the flesh and spirit.

World domination, and ironically, global
poverty and bare-bone socialism, (for the rest)
begins in this artificial microcosmic global village
for the world's most elite, sans the hated Jew.
They even cleverly constructed this microcosm as a
work of art, by the formation of these spectacular
global islands, amongst their other man-made
islands of splendor, one of the new wonders
of the world.

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They have literally dredged the sea to construct
fully functional private islands for billionaires,
who crave their own precious kingdoms,other than
the worker-slaves who serve their every need.
Entitlements of the gods indeed.

These lush communities are similar in concept to
Florida's glamorous Intercoastals, except these
private floating estates make our Intercoastals
look like trailer parks.

The world is reeling under a massive crunch
of sky high world oil prices, in part, controlled by
the founders of this Disney-mecca in the desert
by the sea. This unbearable scourge has started
a process which I believe will result in billions
of people starving to death. Yet, it is a hardship
not borne of necessity, like after natural shortages,
such as cataclysms, but, out of manufactured
strategic manipulation by these self-appointed
Nimrods of the One-World global autocracy
and economy of the 21st Century.

Those who survive to eke out a pitiful existence,
will always live alongside these global gods of finance,
fame, politics and wealth, in misery, hopelessness,
constant deprivation. There will be even more
egregious numbers of slaves incorporated into
this paradise for the very privileged few, and Hell
on Earth for the predominant masses.

Globally, in 2008, there are more slaves than
ever before in all of human history! This includes
the buying and selling of children throughout the
African and Indonesian/Asian/Indian societies ,
the Eastern Bloc in Europe, as well as the impoverished
islands and countries of South America. There are
estimated to be conservatively over 100,000 human
slaves in the United States. Many are women who
are trafficked by organized crime, with no concrete
of effective intervention, let alone substantial global
effort to abate the tragedy of this horror.

Most of the souls in this world right now, are living in
desperate times, yet, you wouldn't know it by the way
the News media chooses to report information.

They have banded together to selectively disseminate
information. They have unilaterally forged a constant
stream of propaganda, bombarding us with absurd imperatives,
like the incessantly preached red herring S.O.S. of global
climate change. Piffle.

Not even ONE of the loud-mouth activists in the Nimrod
celebrity culture, who are forefront to deliver this slanted
doctrine to the masses, demonstrate conservative lifestyles
for themselves, or their families. Examining them
shows a contrary existence, with their entitlements boggling
the mind, often expending the so-called "carbon footprints"
equivalent to dozens, if not hundreds of average Western people,
thousands of Third World people, yet, they put their energy
into demanding already hard-pressed and beleaguered people
dig down to sacrifice even more.

They believe they have the God-given right to have more.
More homes, more children, more rights to use resources
that they begrudge and repudiate the poor masses from

They build themselves their own islands, fly their own
jet planes, and jet around constantly without cares.
They never wear the same clothing more than once
or twice, and promote selfishness as a way of life as
fervently as they claim to care about the planet they
help to plunder beyond their entitlements as individuals.

We are asked to do the sacrificing, and they expect to
reap the rewards. It's an intolerable inbalance,
yet, we're too mind-altered as sheep, to disavow these
raging hypocrites, although, those days are ending.
More and more people are disgusted by nearly all
of Hollywood and the Nimrod culture's raging
immorality, immodesty, convoluted value system,
and raging hypocrisy and fake self-serving agenda.
They get publicity, have a facade of "caring" but,
never sacrifice anything more than words.

Just as these profligate raging phonies dictate how we,
the little people, must devote our resources entirely to
conserving and sacrificing the comparative little we have,
they subtly create a new paradigm, and have even
dredged up the old original religion of contention.
Worshipping the Earth, as its' goddess, is not new,
but, is recycled from the original Babel.

At least they got that part of recycling down

It's all coming full circle. You'll see what I mean
when I get to the first civilization in Arcadia
Babelon, back in the day. This was when the
first power broker, Nimrod the Great, determined
that he was more worthy of other people's labor,
their spiritual and physical devotion than God,
or distribution amongst all God's creatures.

His actions were so evil, that it prompted God
to step down, to intervene in a dramatic way.
Christ's return in type, parrallels this iconic culture's
Nimrods, who demand the public's worship,
as gods, and demand privileges that they
vehemently deny the masses have a right
to utilize.

The good news is that Christ is returning.
It's all full circle prophecy.

I believe our world is in utter and complete
rebellion against God, our Savior, in every
way imaginable. This doesn't bode well for
those whose gospel is "An Inconvenient Truth,"
and whose insincere message of salvation
is for others to use recycled paper and modify
their heat, air-conditioning and right to
reproduce. In fact, isn't there a baby
explosion in Hollywood? They sure are
sending a mixed message, with even
teenage stars walking around proudly
with out of wedlock bellies promoting
fecundity. Isn't the beginning of
conservation making sure the population
maintains a reasonable balance?We
do this for our dogs and cats, yet,
everything is out of whack with the
relatively uneducated Nimrods who
rule our airwaves, and create the
media information that our minds are
constantly filtering.

Dubai seems like a strange place for the capital
of this New World Order that has taken root
by the long-planned initiatives of countless
generations of powerful men. Yet, in the context
of history, it is breathtakingly prophetic.

The power-mongers, who are strangling the
globe with untenable oil prices, already have
a disproportionate amount of the world's wealth.
It is chilling to see how they're grooming the
Western world to join the United Arab States
by enticing them with this Western style
hedonism resort city, which incorporates
elements of Las Vegas, and every desired
tropical retreat.

These princes of greed and corruption
control much of the world's financial and
natural resources, which were meant to sustain
an entire planet with billions of lives, not just
a few thousand oligarchs and their favored
Western billionaire friends and allies.

These greedy amoral tyrants directly, and
indirectly, control the fate of all nations.

The Arab people have not shared in this prosperity
nor are their "Economic Stimulus" rebate checks pending.
In fact, increasing hunger and misery is their reward for
living in a land with such evil , and being used like the
slaves who built the pyramids to now supply the
labor to create the jewel of the new world rising from
the dust of the world's first civilization which compelled
God to come down and intervene.

None of this amassed wealth, or copious
resources are used for the benefit of humanity.
More goes into the haves, taking the little the have
nots have left.

It is on par with their Western counterparts,
who broker all deals to the masses, like the
hypocritical uber-rich Albert Gore, whose
family's wealth was derived partly from industry
that still pours toxic pollution into the land where
others are forced to live, and pay the price for
his lavish lifestyle.

Some buy into it, lecturing others, actually
putting their efforts into this false agenda
of "greening" not understanding how it's
merchandising a new trend of diversionary
mass control.

We should be marching to their palaces
and opulent hotel-sized mega-mansions
with torches in our hands, screaming for equity
and equal treatment, spitting at them for being such
pricks and blazing hypocrites. We should be sending a
message to the Nimrods that as actors, and musicians,
they are not divinely ordained to determine how
we have to live without basic comforts, while
they flaunt extravagent lives.

The Saudi Princes are no different. They
expect their already impoverished and miserable
citizens to sacrifice literally everything, including
their lives, but, they enjoy the thrill of building
better rides than Disneyland, better resorts
than in Aspen, even with an indoor ski facility! They
love having better tropical islands dredged from the
sea floor. All that matters is their objective to
be the New World Order's new New York, and
New Yorkers like Donald Trump are right on board
to help it happen!

Unlike DisneyWorld, their paradise is restricted.
Only Nimrods can afford the admission price.
There are no "Make a Wish" donations to
allow their dying children the experience of one
day of joy and escape from misery, hunger and

Barbarians, who not only are not condemned
by the Nimrods who dominate our world's
information and resources, but, are embraced
by the same.

The cultural Islamic principalities have never
disguised their hatred and contempt
for women. They enforce and maintain a culture which
still promotes mutiliating their genitals and covering
their faces, bartering them, selling them as merchandise,
killing them with impunity, forcing them to cover head
to toe in hideous hot ugly black rags in the brutal desert sun.

Human rights in the modern era? Oh yea?
Welcome to the past as far as that's concerned.
Trees have more advocates than women.

Ha! We're heading back to the beginning, so, let's
go back to the Book of Genesis to see where
the Book of Revelation comes full circle, and
why we're there, and why it's happening NOW!

New York's glistening proud towers have
already been smashed by the finger of God.
That's one way to look at it, anyway, who knows,
maybe it's true?

Menschen traugh und Gott Laughs..
(bad German/Yiddish...i know... but it means:
" Man works and God laughs.")

Dirty old "Jew York" as it is called by some,
is becoming passe' and declasse' to the new
generation of uber-rich, who make former
mere billionaires *(x1) like J.Paul Getty look
Middle-Class ghetto, by comparison!

These near trillionaires possess unimaginable
corruption and greed. Sometimes they
make a pretense of global charity, but, in truth,
they funnel other people's funds into hopeless
regimes in Africa, in truth counting on the spoils
of war. The purpose of supporting chaos in
Africa is to facilitate plundering the rich natural
elements in these lavishly blessed lands.
(At least, in my opinion.)

Instead of medicine and food, 99 cents out of
every dollar, goes to the pockets, and used
for the goals of military juntas and tribal dictators.
Most of our goodwill and charity ends up being
used in purchasing Soviet and Chinese
weapons, to eventually slaughter more of the dying
people than starvation and disease!

Starvation and subsequent diseases are largely
manufactured as well, facilitating the exploitation
of the diverse natural resources of everything
from gold and diamonds to coltan the
material used in cell phone technology.

These gentle agricultural communities throughout
Africa, are being systematically terrorized, their
innocent people driven into the jungles to die, or
marched out of their ancestral lands to join the
massive sea of refugees, wandering from one land
to the next, with violence, then Western industry
following to profit.

The women in Uganda, the Congo, Darfur, and now,
in "democratic" Zimbabwe, and beyond, are mutilated,
raped, tortured, even sometimes forced to cannibalize
their own babies.

I hear uninformed people blame these atrocities
on the incompetence of African black leadership,
but, they have no understanding that most of
these leaders were authorized to replace the
old governors, after the colonial whites left,
content to let these hand-picked shills foster
chaos. This is ultimately the agenda of the
West, which pretends to care, but, the forces
who determine these fates of the masses, lick
their chops, exploiting and profiting from
enhanced opportunities for robbing
the nations, and these people of their resources.

It is not the black leadership, but, who is allowed
to walk into ready-made dictatorships in Africa.
Some of these men were not educated to be
capable of doing any more than being figureheads,
while the most base and churlish forces scramble
for control, using starvation and the politics
of hunger and rape as weapons of mass

Particularly grievous are the extremely high
numbers of poor women who are raped, and terrorized,
even mutilated by soldiers in the Congo, Darfur, and
the other African societies. The refugees and then the
perpetrators themselves migrate from one devastated
country in Africa to the next. All the while, the
rich industrialists in the West are the ones who
are being enriched from the distraction of constant
conflicts, by plundering these people's natural

It's unacceptable that women are being treated
like this, and to this extreme evil example in
Africa. It truly exceeds the monstrosities
of the Nazis. Mothers watch their babies
boiled alive in oil and eaten, then they
are cut up and eaten, piece by piece.
Can the world support much more evil?

Food and aid goes into the pockets
of the military oligarchs, hand-picked, in
many cases by the same former imperial
powers who robbed Africa to begin with
starting in the 18th Century.

It's the poor who always suffer, and the
wealthy who far from sacrificing or giving
to the poor, end up benefiting from their
extermination, misery and displacement.

Now, it's not even really fashionable to
whine about starving children in Africa.
Talk of brotherhood in the world has
taken a back seat to saving a few trees.

Yet, talk to me come Christmas, when
the same hypocrites cut down hundreds
of thousands of trees to commemorate
a day that ironically began with old Nimrod.

This was his day that originally
was celebrated with the festivities that
we now hypocritically attribute to the
King of the Universe, the Lord, who
was born in the Autumn, and stood
for the opposite of the waste and
carnal decadence of Christmas.

This festival has endured throughout time,
and then was manufactured to contain
Christ as Nimrod. The fact that it is still
observed by the massive waste of trees
is even more disturbing when we are being
chastised for using sheets of toilet paper
the rest of the year. It's all diversion.

WHY would the same green fanatics
not compel the masses to stop cutting
down green trees in winter, which is
completely abominable and appalling?
It is spoken of by Jeremiah as being
an abomination, and provoked God to
abandon Israel for their use of trees
in this manner, yet, it still is promoted
by the churches of the Lord Jesus!


There's a counterfeit corruption that
began in Babylon. This is never more
evident by our culture today.

Dubai, aka "new" New York has a strict
"NO JEW policy." That's not new. It's like
old Moskow, and old Berlin.

The Fourth Reich's capital may be lovely,
and one of the new wonders of the world,
but, alas she's a place I'll never be allowed
to see, like my great-grandfather wasn't allowed in
Moskow, and my grandfather was kicked out of
Berlin. I know this game. It's embedded in my genes.
I know how it ends.

The chic shieks are aspiring to scrape the stratosphere,
erecting the world's highest tower, in homage to the
original phallus of indignation, visited in Genesis 11.
Taller than the 2 towers that were vaporized on that
September day when the century began.

The type of tower is patterned to a "ziggurat". Dubai
hopes to complete theirs, making it the tallest building
in the new world order's best new city. It keeps getting
delayed due to snags.

Ziggaruts- Towers to Heaven

Babylon, and the Tower of Babel were originally
physically in upper Mesopotamia, but, the kingdom
incorporated the bulk of the Middle East.

There is no actual place called Babylon these
days, outside of a few insignificant places like
Babylon NY, which for some reason just liked
the sound of that name and chose it for their

God's not in our religions. The devil's in the
details. Religion these days is mostly about
money, power, and politics. Just like the religion
of Nimrod, who subjugated the meek, and forbid
worship of YHWH before him.

The goal of the modern ecumenical movement,
and imperative in a majority of seminaries
worldwide, is to homogenize religions,
neutralize God's message, and exalt humanity
in His place.

God 's function in our modern age is to validate
what men want to achieve. Preachers, like
politicians, sometimes heretically as politicians
are abominable Antichrist's in their messages
which defy the Gospel.

Too many modern churches preach prosperity,
and in the case of some, like Barak Hussein's
"former" church of 20 years, teach Bolshevik
theology, aka Marxist "Liberation Theology".
These churches, especially Wright's church,
not only are hand in hand with Lou Farrikhan's
Nation of Islam's imperative of racial conquest
in the world, but, made him "Man of the Year,"
with Michelle and Barak applauding in the
pews. The Nation of Islam teaches that white
men are the devil and Jews don't deserve to

Together, with the Islamic's extremist religious
virulent hatred of Jews, and whites, the message
of Christ's "Love your enemy" and "God is love"
is quietly tossed aside.

According to Jesus Christ, you can hang the
Law on the two precepts of "Love God" and
"Love your brother." But, that's not the message
preached anymore in many mainstream churches,
or throughout the world in asundry fundamentalist
sects.They are preaching genocide and hate.

Figuring it out ain't too difficult.
The devil's in the details.

This is the rise of the Antichrist's total usurption
of the pulpit of Christ. You can see this depicted
when Rev. Wright stands up, his proud smug
face damning America and whiteys, boasting
about 911 being "just deserts" but, positively
reveling in the suffering of others, salivating
on the image of the rivers of blood he sees from
the revolution he's preaching to the black

The idea that we would pick our national leader
from this congregation of evil is distressing,
but, not altogether unexpected. The rise of
the Antichrist precedes Christ's return.

These white-washed dead churches worldwide,
represent the Jezebel, the whore that rides the
Beast rising from the vast sea.

Still, it's a bit more complicated, and the essence
of it's meaning is layered in transparancies.

I have to begin somewhere, so, I'll start with Sargon I
aka Nimrod, the "Hunter".

He is the first mortal who was so powerful that
he became a mighty potentate and type of mortal
savior. As brief as his appearance is in Genesis,
like Melchizadec, he is not to be
dismissed as inconsequential, to say
the least.

One is the seminal portrait of Christ and the other
is the Antichrist all the way.

Gen 10:8
And Cush begat Nimrod: he began
to be a mighty one in the earth.

Lexicon / Concordance for Gen 10:8

And Cush

[03568] Kuwsh
[03205] yalad

[05248] Nimrowd
he began

[02490] chalal

to be

[01961] hayah

a mighty one

[01368] gibbowr
in the earth.

[0776] erets

Mighty one- gibbowr


Nimrod came after the ones described as the
"sons of God" came down and had sex with
human women, creating a new race:

Gen 6:2
That the sons of God saw the
daughters of men that they [were]
fair; and they took them wives of
all which they chose.

Gen 6:4
There were giants in the earth in
those days; and also after that, when
the sons of God came in unto the
daughters of men, and they bare
[children] to them, the same [became]
mighty (*gibbowr) men which
[were] of old, men of renown.


Gen 6:5And GOD saw that the wickedness
of man [was] great in the earth,
and [that] every imagination of the
thoughts of his heart [was] only
evil continually.


Gen 10:8 And Cush > begat Nimrod : he began
to be a mighty one 01368 in the earth .

Nimrod, or Sargon, was the first Imperial
god-king of Arkkad

Sargon's vast empire is known to have extended
from Elam to the Mediterranean sea, including
Mesopotamia, parts of modern-day Iran and Syria,
and possibly parts of Anatolia and the Arabian

He ruled from a new capital, Akkad (Agade), which the
Sumerian king list claims he built (or possibly renovated),
on the left bank of the Euphrates. Sargon is regarded
as one of the first individuals in recorded history to create
a multiethnic, centrally ruled empire, and his dynasty
controlled Mesopotamia for around a century and a half.

Lexicon / Concordance for Gen 11:4

And they said,

[0559] amar

Go to,

[03051] yahab

let us build

[01129] banah

us a city

[05892] iyr
and a tower,


whose top

[07218] rosh
[may reach] unto heaven;

[08064] shamayim
and let us make

[06213] `asah

us a name,

[08034] shem
lest we be scattered abroad

[06327] puwts

upon the face

[06440] paniym
of the whole earth.

[0776] erets
Tower= Migdal

Gen 11:5 And the LORD came down
to see the city and the tower , which the
children of men builded .

To back up a tad...

Gen 11:1 And the whole earth was of one language 08193,
and of one speech .
And the whole earth
[0776] erets
was of one
[0259] echad
[08193] saphah
and of one
[0259] echad
[01697] dabar

The "whole earth" is literally interpretted
from the Hebrew "the entire land" meaning
the entire land of Mesopotamia and environs,
including the original fertile crescent.

Not only was there a rival for power,
but, there was this gigantic (literally)
dictator who had genetics that
enabled him to have supernatural powers
of the fallen angels, or sons of heaven that
Genesis referred to in Chapter 6.

These hybrid humans were nearly as physically
tall as the immortal fallen ones. Angels are
supposed to be 10 feet tall, so these hybrids
were 8 feet or so.

"One language" is more than mere literal
dialect, but, it implies a unified kingdom
in opposition to God's oneness.

Echad=oneness that is otherwise reserved
for GOD!

The dilemna with this one world order
circa 2270 B.C. is that it established a
solid counterfeit to usurp God's Plan.

This is hard to impart to the cynical, but,
Angels are not restricted by Time/Space,
and had the liberty to introduce a rival
Messianic theme to preempt the advent
of God's union with Abraham,
and His Promise of the ONE Savior of
this world, Y'shua HaMaschiach,
who would be born of woman, like
Nimrod was, but, who had a heavenly
origin that was of God, not fallen

The UNITY of the land was an abomination
to God because they used that strength
to promote a man in his place.

"United we stand... divided we fall."

This is the ideal of the Church to stand as
a singular entity. The symbol of this unity
is Christ's BRIDE, who married to Him is
indomitable. Think of Elijah's mighty
miracles and power vs. the false prophets
of Jezebel and Ahab's abominable Israel.

To rival the force of God's strength, the
goal of Lucifer, and his minions was to
establish and corrupt the world with a
predestined test of wills. To do this, the
imperative was, and is, to unify man
under a centrally ubiquitous government,
like in Arkkad, where there are no boundaries
or borders, so to speak. Global unification,
and a global economy where these Nimrod
gods dictate our every function, and who
we worship, recreates the strength of
Babylon under Nimrod.

This is about as close as we get to the
secret of the mystery of indignation .

Gen 11:5
And the LORD came down
to see the city and the tower,
which the children of men builded.

Gen 11:6
And the LORD said, Behold, the
people [is] one, and they have all
one language; and this they begin
to do: and now nothing will be restrained
from them, which they have imagined
to do.
Gen 11:7
Go to, let us go down, and there
confound their language, that they
may not understand one another's

"Let us go down"....

And they scattered the unified people of one

It's taken some five thousand years or so, but,
at long last, the world is again unified by the
power of the air, by things like global commerce,
global communication, etc. While we still have
enmity towards eachother racially and as
national entities, the leaders and "powers" of
this world have finally achieved the type of
unity that began in Old Sargon's day.

Time to build another tower to heaven.
Time to plant the powerful and mighty
men from all over the globe, and give them
their own vacation and residential islands
in this ancient land first ruled by Nimrod.

In Dubai, it all comes together, all the
powerful Nimrods of the Latter Day,
except No Jews and dogs allowed.
They even blatantly represent this
ideal, in case it wasn't obvious from
heaven what it's all about!

They just can't seem to get the kinks out of that
damned tower, the tallest one in the world,
the highest ziggarut ever built!God help
them when the tower opens for biz....cause
I personally think that this symbol of the
New World Order's New New York will
have a surprise, similar to 911, from the
finger of God. Or Israel.

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