Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We Are Not ALone

Never fear, David Icke and those who dismiss
Jesus, while fearing the beast: The King of the Universe
has won, and HE Comes.

Archangel Michael slays/slayed/will slay the serpent.
It will end and a new eon will begin. Time/Space
enters a new continuim. A new matrix opens.
But first, the Cube will come. Look to the heavens,
look to the cloudy skies.

The darkness may be encroaching like the smoke
of an inferno unfolding, but, remember, Creation
began at dusk not dawn, and the New world will
emerge in secret while the dark world sleeps.

(Omg I'm getting so weird, but, oh well...it's real. I
should keep my thoughts to myself, but, why
should I? No one else does....)

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