Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Speaking of the Beast... Jimmy Carter ....Go Kiss Arafat in Hell Already

Lord God in Heaven above, it is for you to
decide which souls are damned, and if it
pleases you to redeem a piece of shit like
Jimmy Carter, then PRAISE YOU for your mercy
greater than my blind human wrath.

I confess, I hope he soon burns in
Hell for all eternity. It is the only
antidote that soothes me...Have mercy on me.
I have no more patience for the
the beast and his infernal henchmen.

Jimmy Carter is a major satanist. For
him to place a wreath in memorial of a
mass killer of Jewish victims of the
holocaust and their surviving first
generation, makes him one of the lowest
life forms that ever claimed to be
a child of God in Jesus Christ. By their
works are their fruits revealed and he
is rotten to the very core.

Oh Lord above, the beast is rising.
Help the millions of poor souls
they have bartered for their evil
god. Have mercy on humanity. Let no one
ever say that Jimmy Carter is anything
but a vile and vicious Jew-hating piece
of poor white dog shit. Have mercy on
me. I really hate him with all my
soul. Help purge this sickening hatred
It makes me no better than that
hate-filled pile of vomit, the most
foul and evil leader, the beginning
of the end for Planet Earth and mankind.
It was during his administration when
it all began....

Why do we have to witness this man
living out long years, mocking Jesus,
with his obviously satanic agenda
against Israel.

What's maddening is that these men of faux peace
get so much praise. The chorus of the damned
sing their praises, while the blind and clueless
sheep who follow the wolf in sheep's clothing
call bad good and good bad. They have replaced
bitter for sweet and call sweet bitter.

Oh how sad...How pathetic
and poetic. HOW Prophetic!

If he's redeemable, have mercy on him,
according to your will and abundant love.
If he's an Antichrist, let him burn in
hell sooner than later. please. May THY WILL
be done.

They're all coming out, and up, aren't they,
and I need to have the armor of faith and
wisdom to not bust a gut. But, LORD! They
are all marching up like smoke and locusts
from the bottomless pit... How do we who
see it shift our focus, from hatred of
the fiends like Jimmy Carter, to love for
poor humanity, for the poor souls that need
Jesus...the souls being played out in this
cynical sickening game of rich wicked men?

Neither do they repent of their murders, lies,
treason, betrayal, and hatred of the Jewish God,
Jesus Christ, Son of YHWH. You have reserved
the Day of Judgement for them and for all
flesh, LORD. Help us to see and do thy will.

Do with them what thou wilt.

The Antichrist and his little horned beasts
speak peace, but, their tongues are as
forked as their souls. They plot and plan
against YOUR Plan and against YOUR LAND.

Let no antichrist, Jew-hating creep honor
a mass murdering terrorist on Passover. Deal
with him, please LORD, help us see the
day of these evil men cease. Otherwise,
bring us your peace to exist while they
carry on for the last 4 years while they
can. Their time is short, so they
rage on. Tick tock... tick ... every second
another grain of sand....the lake of fire
sends flames of fire up, licking up at their
feet, like dogs of hell running mad in the

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