Saturday, April 5, 2008

God is not a religion

My dad was remembering his
grandfather, who was a rabbinical
elder, or something of honor in the
synagogue. His bar mitzvah tsalas
had his Jewish tribal name of Levi,
and his last name. I tried to tell my
dad that Levi was the Mosaic line,
and what it meant, but, he eschews
religion. Yet, he is mystical and
has seen with his own eyes the
sight that I long to see, what I think
is the Cherubims that Ezekiel saw.
I think my dad saw it because he
has a decent honest heart and
mystical nature, respects God,
praises Jesus Christ, the Messiah,
and has the bloodline of Levi...

My dad doesn't believe that he is
worthy of God, though, because he
doesn't think that anyone as irreligious
as he would be honored with such a holy

I am frustrated by the multitudes
of religions, which do not honor God,
but justify men before God, as if that
can justify man. God is not a religion.
He is the Creator, and our King. He
demands our love and respect, not
blind obedience and blind observances
in rituals and empty ceremonies...
Just my opinion.

My dad cannot stand church or synagogue,
and I have inherited this condition. I get
physically ill in synagogues, along with
him. I can literally start vomiting, and
have gotten skull crushing migraines
and felt suffocation. Even in churches,
my head will start to buzz with the
meaningless rote hymnals and boring
spiritless rituals and sermons. Worse
of all, the air of man's hypocrisy assaults
my senses, like a bad smell in my nose.
I get literally sick.

I am not saying I'm any better than anyone,
but, I am confessing what happens to me
in churches and synagogues. I've been
told by some that I must be demonic, and
it's a demon that causes my illnesses in
these situations, but, I don't buy it.

I think religion reeks of self-righteousness
and man's justification before other men.

I'm doing a study on Daniel right now,
and while I've not blogged it, it's always
enriching to behold this unique prophet.
He did not have the advantage of religion,
yet, he was the most pious Biblical person,
other than Christ. In fact, he was more
perfect than any other figure of human

He did not need rituals to do the right thing
before God. By that, he followed the LAW,
as He had written on his heart and his
mind. He was faithful and worshipped
God, and by faith he was not only justified,
but transformed the world of his day.

If only we could be transformed by this
kind of true faith, not manipulated by
religions... That's why my dad is more
like Daniel to me than all the PhD reverends
who hold their noses up in the air and
expect people to genuflect and call them
"reverend" and blessed.

Blessed are the poor in spirit.
Blessed are the meek.
Blessed are the ones who are despised by
the religious and despise religion, for
they are closest to God.

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