Thursday, January 24, 2013


It's time for my Revelation study. I was told 20 years ago that if I thoroughly studied Revelation once a year, it would bless my soul. The best way to do it, I've learned, is to write it out, or be part of a discussion. Since I have no church to affiliate with, I can only rely on my faith, and the hope that the Holy Spirit would give me the light to understand.

I've decided to do it backwards, because, when I'm done, it will be formatted in front to back, first to last chapter, and because, I've never done a study backwards. I'm so familiar with this book, that I could recite it from memory, so, I feel competent to know the book well enough. I want to see if I can get different insight, if I do it backwards.

You can only gain wisdom from this book, *IF* you have studied the entire Bible, particularly the Prophets, for it is a summary, not a new book of information. Everything in Revelation matches the great Prophets, from Isaiah to Malachi.

Unless you know the symbolic language, which is layered, and the metaphors, not to mention, the history of the Middle East in ancient times, it's very difficult to understand Revelation.

I'm going to challenge myself, again, and see if I can put it together, so that a non-believer can understand. There may be a day, when this could help someone. Mainly, it will help me. There are mysteries and hidden things, which I keep longing to have the key.


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