Friday, January 1, 2010

For the Angels to come....and for us aware

This is my new decade dedication. I think that we could
be approaching the days when as darkness descends,
we will be visited by the celestial beings who glorify
our Lord.

There aren't many stories of real angels in the Bible.
But, when there are, I notice that the humans who
they bless had the insight to offer them food and
shelter, so, I hope to be able to recognize one.

Angels, in their true form, are ten feet tall,
and winged, and in the case of Cherubim, multi-
faceted, multi-dimensional, indescribably
complex. These Beings cannot walk amongst us
in this form, and the only way we have record
of them is when the prophet was transported
to their realm.

When angels visit man, they are reduced to our
very limited sphere and must conform to our
flesh. The first thing that they must feel is
discomfort from hunger, thirst, temperature,
fatigue, and all the limitations and discomforts
of flesh and blood.

That very portrait of them elaborates how precious
Christ is as our High Priest in Heaven, for He
endured our existence with all the frailties,
temptations, feelings, emotions, hungers, and
desires. He is empathetic to us because he walked
amongst us.

When he was risen and returned to the Apostles,
they were busy gushing and checking out his
pierced hands, while he was more concerned with
what they were going to feed him. It's a tad
confusing, but, so poignant and touching.

When the Angel of the Lord visited Abraham,
he didn't discuss divinities with him, but,
prepared the best darn supper he could cook,
sparing nothing. He offered him shelter and
after these, he was blessed.

It's pretty late, and my ability to describe my
image of angels is lacking. I'm no prophet,, but,
I want to be one of the saints. As a brother of
the highest order of Melchizadec, our precious
Lord Yeshua, we are also bound to his servants,
the angels. When they surround us, let's try to
remember their discomfort at having to walk in
our shoes. Let's try to consider their needs
and comfort. Give them the best meal you can.
Give them a safe place to sleep, unless they
refuse. Chances are, they won't, but, even if
they don't look like angels, treat all strangers
as if they could be one of God's own army.

Don't worry about feeding them vegetarian.
They're here to live like us, and we were
made to consume all things for the time being.
After the Advent, we will still eat, but,
only then, will nothing die, and nothing will
be killed.

I already have a list of foods that I plan to
offer them. Ice-cream is on the list.
Just an idea.

I know we're all taught to fear strangers,
but, maybe if we treat all those who we
see like angels, it would be a better world,
even without Christ living amongst us. In
fact, isn't that what Christ would want?
Better to live like that in any event,
and make living for Christ a reality
each day.

Happy New Decade! Come back Lord, our
Precious Alpha and Omega.

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