Monday, April 13, 2009


I haven't blogged lately, but, I'm back! First updates on
my personal life is that John has proposed again, and
I promised to marry him. We spoke for hours last night,
and I can plainly state he is my true soul mate. That will
never change. So, John, I love you with all my heart and
soul. Once we can decide where we can live together
without being miserable, we will be together forever.

For some reason, John hates Paradise (South Florida)
and he knows I am not a small town girl. I love St.
louis, though, and maybe we can find a place for us.

Next, I am thrilled that Phil Spector was finally found
guilty of second degree murder, and is finally remanded
to custody. This psychopathic demon has walked around
free as a bird, for SIX years, while beautiful and kind
Lana was robbed of her life. Finally, an LA jury had
the integrity and courage to find a famous person
culpable for a heinous crime. Finally, a celebrity is
accountable for his crimes.

I had the opportunity to speak to Phil's son during
the last trial, and he told me things that broke my
heart. Phil, once worth 100 million dollars, didn't
pay for college, or help his son after he was in an
accident. As children, he and his brother were locked
in their rooms like prisoners, for days on end.

Finally, Phil is not in control. Justice has prevailed.

Also, I have to declare my infatuation with
American Idol superstar, Adam Lambert.
I don't remember ever being this moved by a
singer, since Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury.

While he has the heartbreaking beauty of the
young Elvis Presley, he actually has a voice
that exceeds any previous idol or superstar
of the past. He has that Robert Plant effect,
with the ability to send electricity down your
spine and cover you in goosebumps. I have
actually been choked up and crying during
his songs. He is THRILLING, and seems like
the most humble and gentle soul.

He has that goth darkness, with an inner core
of light. WHile openly gay, he has an androgenous
appeal, and seems almost too good to be true.
I can't believe he hasn't been signed yet, but,
he is a spectacular singer.

Finally, it looks like another psychopath is going
to be facing the Death Penalty. The odious
Casey Anthony, who is alleged to have murdered
her breathtakingly beautiful 2 year old daughter,
is looking at being the next female on Death Row.
This is such good news.

I held my peace during the period when Caylee
was found, hoping her parents and brother would
honor their murdered 2 year old to be honest and
cooperate. That didn't happen. Her mother has
demonstrated a bizarre behavior that almost
eclipses Casey's pathological lies and murderous
behavior. Her mother, Cindy Anthony, gives
me a colder chill than even Casey.

It goes to show you that not only doesn't an apple
fall far from the tree, but, homicidal pathology
is often nurtured by insanely cruel and lying
parents. It's too bad that Cindy Anthony isn't
locked up beside Casey because I believe with
all my heart that if it weren't for the rotten
mother, and grandmother, Cindy, the baby would
be alive. It was a joint calamity, whose catalyst
was a very dysfunctional family under the
reign of terror of Cindy Anthony. No wonder
George Anthony tried to kill himself.

But, as much as I thought Lee was the child's
father, he isn't . I feel sorry for him to have
been born into this creepy family. I hope he
can extricate himself from their tentacles.
This group reminds me more of the Manson
family, than the otherwise ostensibly nice-looking
middle-class people they portray themselves
to be. It's scary that Cindy, as an RN, is
administering care to patients, when she
can cold-bloodedly accept the murder of
her grand daughter, and lie about it to
protect her own ego. Her narcissism and
lies are more outrageous than her damaged

Anyway, that's my opinion, anyway:
John is my soulmate.
Phil SPector is in prison baybee!!! YAY!
Adam Lambert is the best American Idol
Casey Anthony will be on Death Row
and hopefully executed in 2012.

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